Aquamotion Aquatic Centre Project

Aquamotion Aquatic Centre aims to increase its energy efficiency.

Wanneroo Aquamotion is a family friendly fitness and leisure centre featuring a well-equipped gym, group fitness area and extensive aquatic facilities.

Project Summary

City of Wanneroo appointed Arnowa for a project for Aquamotion Aquatic Centre to significantly improve its energy efficiency. The successful implementation of this project will provide an integrated smart system that will allow the Centre to monitor its consumption and optimize its operations so as to maximize its energy efficiency while at the same time study its consumption patterns and make informed decisions regarding its resource utilization.[rml_read_more]


Wanneroo’s Aquamotion Aquatic Centre is a popular centre with people coming in throughout the day. With numerous guests and members accessing its facilities, consumption of resources such as energy and water are always high and difficult to manage and monitor. Optimization of utilization of these resources became a challenging task for the authorities and hence resulted in wastage of resources and high bills with no proper system to monitor these resources and verify its use.

Relentless utilization of these resources in a facility the size of Aquamotion Centre that uses so many different kinds of high power consuming electrical equipment and machineries tends to harm the environment through high levels of carbon emissions

The challenge was to optimize Aquamotion Aquatic Centre’s resource utilization such that it increases its energy efficiency without affecting its operations and member satisfaction.


To provide a reliable monitoring system for easy and efficient management of resources and increase the overall efficiency of the centre in terms of resource utilization without affecting its operations.


Arnowa’s smart monitoring system will provide valuable insights into the energy and water consumption patterns of all areas of the Aquamotion Centre. They will be connected to a dashboard to enable the relevant stakeholders at each site to have a clear oversight over the energy and water use, and power quality, for the whole facility, and across various parts of the Aquamotion Centre in real time. This will be critically instrumental in identifying potential opportunities for improvement of energy and water usage, quantifying return on investment (ROI) for such improvements, effectiveness of any energy efficiency initiatives implemented and for tenant management and transparent billing at the facility. This will also help strengthen accountability for different users and help in transparently sharing our resources for efficient use.



  • City of Wanneroo, WA


  • Sustainable resources management
  • Extensively used public facility with long functional hours
  • Simplified Reporting and verification system that could be understood by the staff
  • Engaging community
  • Establishing partnerships for supporting resource efficiencies

Metering Hardware

  • Twelve triple phase 250A CTs connected to a power meter
  • Twenty-one triple phase 150A CTs connected to a power meter
  • Two triple phase 125A Power Meter
  • Two 63A Power Meter with


  • City achieved its energy consumption reduction goals along with reduced carbon footprints.
  • Real-time energy monitoring of all areas
  • Efficient management of electricity
  • Automated controls and operations
  • Better utilisations and reduced wastage of resources.


Arnowa through its smart technology and devices was able to overcome all challenges faced by Aquamotion Aquatic Centre. Application of our smart devices has resulted in a huge reduction in the total energy consumption and carbon emissions reduction of the centre. Our smart ecosystem and dashboard have been successful in helping the Centre monitor the utilization of its resources in real-time and hence manage and optimize their resource consumption.


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