Smart Cities

A smart city is a city where place planning is strongly integrated with the interconnection of everything to every other thing and people using state-of-the-art technologies. This interconnectedness facilitates the collection of data from people, devices, infrastructure, environment, and assets. The collected data is processed and analyzed to provide information that helps manage the city better and provide greater value, efficiency and sustainable performance to its residents, business and other stakeholders that look at the city as their destination today or in the future. A smart city approach helps the city councils and governing bodies in taking better decisions, improving productivity, increasing operational efficiencies, better planning, effective community engagement and reducing management costs. Arnowa provides state of the art city-wide connectivity solutions, meters, sensors, and other devices that help in making city smarter.

Traffic Monitoring

Improved public safety

Smart Waste Management

Occupancy Monitoring & management

Wildlife Monitoring

Smart Open space infrastructure

Environmental Monitoring

Smart Public displays

Energy-efficient buildings

Smart Parking

Monitoring & management of HVAC

Real-Time Alerts

STEM kits for Schools

Smart Irrigation


Smart Buildings

Research shows that Commercial buildings waste up to 30 percent of the energy they use, so savings with a smart building energy management system can be significant. Arnowa can help Building owners and managers to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Arnowa for smart buildings enables you to connect and automate your building, technology, and energy systems to transform the way you manage it.

Energy Management

Gas Metering

Embedded Networks and Tenant Resources Management & Billing

Predictive Maintenance Alarming

Occupancy Monitoring & management

Water Management and Leak Monitoring

Building Comfort Management

Device Control

Predictive Performance Benchmarking

Any custom function as required

Smart Stores

Implementing Arnowa solutions can deliver valuable insights to retailers. It can facilitate streamlined customer experiences while amplifying profits. Arnowa has the power to improve customer experience as well as increase brand loyalty. The retailer can get a comprehensive picture regarding the movement of goods from manufacturing to when it’s placed in a store to when a customer buys it and many other features.

Food Safety Temperature Monitoring

Device control

Predictive Equipment Maintenance & Failure

Demand alert warehouses

Foot traffic Monitoring & Management

Building Comfort Management

Occupancy Monitoring & Management

Any custom function as required


Smart Homes

Arnowa makes your life easier and convenient by allowing you to manage all of your home devices from one place along with energy efficiency savings.

Energy Management

Gas Metering

Resource Management & Billing

Predictive Maintenance Alarming

Occupancy Monitoring & management

Water Management and Leak Monitoring

Building Comfort Management

Device Control

Predictive Performance Benchmarking

Any custom function as required

Smart Parking

Our lives run on transportation. It gets us to work in the mornings, delivers fresh food to our grocery stores, and encourages us to travel to far corners of our wide world. However, it becomes a pain when you can’t find a parking spot for your vehicle when it’s time for a halt. It is not only time consuming but also a nuisance to search through parking lots for an empty spot to park your vehicle. While it is becoming tiresome, Arnowa’s next generation intelligent solution for transportation and parking systems will optimize the movement of people and goods, improve economics, public safety, and the environment.

Traffic monitoring & management

Road condition monitoring & alert application

Real time location of vehicles

Transportation analytics


Smart Electricity and Water Grid

Maintaining the balance between supply and demand is a constant challenge for renewable energy providers, making the variable nature of renewable energy a stumbling block when it comes to grid integration. Arnowa will redeem the complexity of managing energy consumption from different places and provide an all-in-one stop.

Microgrids & Smart Grids

Virtual power plant and power trading

Climate based performance assessments

Embedded networks

Energy generation forecasting

Digital Communication infrastructure

Smart Streets

Each year, several trillion kWh are expended on street lighting globally. A high consumption means a high amount of generated energy, which in turn translates into a high level of noxious emissions. There are also problems relating to maintenance of the system, finding out if a certain light fixture is dimmed or not working is a difficult task. Arnowa offers user-friendly tools for the control, configuration and reporting on the operation of the lighting network.

Central monitoring and reporting for individual street lights

Effective maintenance

Fault detection

Lighting levels adjusted to traffic density


Smart Industry

Industrialists and manufacturers in almost every sector have a tremendous opportunity to not only monitor but also automate many of the complex processes involved in manufacturing. Arnowa has multitudes of applications for Industries. It can facilitate the production flow in a manufacturing plant, as it automatically monitors development cycles and manages warehouses as well as inventories.

Easy Facility Management

Smart Inventory Management

Smart Logistics

Smart Manufacturing

Logistic and Supply Chain Optimization

Smart Fleet

Smart Agriculture

Against challenges such as extreme weather conditions, rising climate change, and environmental impact resulting from intensive farming practices, the demand for more food has to be met.

Monitoring of climate conditions

Crop management

Greenhouse management

Livestock monitoring &management


Smart Microgrids

The demand for energy around the world is constantly rising, with 70% of this demand being met by non-renewable fossil fuels that harm the environment. The conventional grids are incompetent in meeting these rising demands and often suffer outages. Thus, the need is to make an urgent switch to smarter, more eco-friendly reliable methods that are beneficial to the producer, consumer as well as the environment. Smart Technology enabled microgrids are one such option.

Microgrids are compact (as compared to a traditional grid), controllable power systems composed of one or more generation units connected to nearby users that can be operated with, or independently from, the local bulk transmission systems. They have the unique ability to operate both in grid connected as well as island-mode that makes it a reliable option to avoid power outages and supply continuous energy. Furthermore, they lower energy costs for both consumers and businesses, while at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Application of Arnowa’s smart technology allows the prosumer to control the microgrids easily and efficiently and maintain stable voltage throughout. Arnowa’s smart technology through its real-time monitoring and intelligent analysis balances all aspects of the microgrid and also enables it to work effectively without any faults to disrupt its operation.

Single switch operation

Consumption Patterns

Performance Assessments

Fault Detection

Dual Mode Operations

Multi-site Operability

Embedded networks

Energy generation forecasting

Smart Analytics

No Irregularities

Load Optimization

Cross-resource Grid

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