Smart Irrigation
A step towards water sustainability and reducing water uses
in agriculture, lawns and parks.

Soil Moisture and Weather-Based Irrigation

ARNOWA’s Smart Irrigation Systems is an IoT-based solution which customizes watering schedules and run times automatically as required for specific landscape. Ultimately linked and informed system significantly improves water use efficiency without compensating effectiveness.

ARNOWA’s Smart Irrigation System schedule watering based on the soil moisture and local weather condition such as temperature, rainfall, evapotranspiration (ET).

Unplanned use of water inadvertently results in wastage of water. Smart irrigation solution from ARNOWA ensures sustainable and responsible irrigation over time, hence saving precious resources and enhancing water security.


Unique Features

        • Remote Operation
        • Watering based on crop, soil moisture, and local weather condition


      • Water, Energy and Soil conservation
      • Reduced labor and other related cost
      • Enhanced yield

Areas of Application

      • Smart Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry
      • Parks
      • Lawns
      • Community Gardens

Technical Specifications

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Water detection sensor
  • Water level sensor
  • Three phase energy meters
  • Single phase energy meters
  • Water meters
  • Surveillance Camera
  • Smart Imager Thermal Camera
  • Weather Station
  • Gateway
  • Edge Devices

Use Cases

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