Smart Bins
Smarter bins make waste collection easier by sending alerts
on a real-time basis.

Waste management problems

The significant problems affecting solid waste management is an improper collection of waste and ethical issues. This, in turn, leads to hazards like environmental degradation, water pollution, soil pollution, and air pollution.

Problem with conventional bins:

Collection vehicle often collects wastes from bins when they are not completely filled. This is inefficient and causes loss of labour and fuel.

Another problem is that people start throwing garbage on the ground when bins are not emptied on time.

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ARNOWA’s Smartbins are the solution

Our smart dustbins contain inbuilt fill level sensor which generates alerts to the collection centre.

On the other hand, it also sends alerts and location to its nearest collection vehicle to ensure efficient waste collection and management.

Implementation of Arnowa's smart dustbins can ensure reduced littering and overflow of bins by up to 66% and reduced cost of collection by up to 83%.

Unique Features

        • Real-time alerts
        • Simple and cost effective
        • Easy application and maintenance
        • Communicate through multiple protocol


      • Optimize the cost of waste collection
      • Collect bins only when they reach capacity
      • Reduce the environmental impact of waste collection vehicles by optimizing collection routes
      • Build satisfied communities

Areas of Application

      • Cities and Campuses
      • Muncipalities
      • Public parks and Offices
      • Airports, Railway stations, and Bus stops

Use Cases

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