Smart Microgrids with unique cross-grid operational capabilities
that help ensure non-fluctuating supplies and high efficiencies
The demand for energy around the world is constantly rising, with 70% of this demand being met by non-renewable fossil fuels that harm the environment. The conventional grids are incompetent in meeting these rising demands and often suffer outages. Thus, the need is to make an urgent switch to smarter, more eco-friendly reliable methods that are beneficial to the producer, consumer, as well as the environment. Smart Technology-enabled microgrids are one such option.

Microgrids are compact (as compared to a traditional grid), controllable power systems composed of one or more generation units connected to nearby users that can be operated with, or independently from, the local bulk transmission systems. They have the unique ability to operate both in grid-connected as well as island-mode that makes it a reliable option to avoid power outages and supply continuous energy. Furthermore, they lower energy costs for both consumers and businesses, while at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Application of Arnowa’s smart technology allows the prosumer to control the microgrids easily and efficiently and maintain stable voltage throughout. Arnowa’s smart technology, through its real-time monitoring and intelligent analysis, balances all aspects of the microgrid and also enables it to work effectively without any faults to disrupt its operation.






Real-Time Smart Alerts


Easy & Effective Management


Lower Costs

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Unique Features

        • Dual Mode Operation
        • Energy Generation Forecast
        • Multi- Site Operability
        • Cross Resource Grid


      • Reduced dependence upon the non-renewable source
      • Reduced environmental complications (carbon and other pollution)
      • Power backup
      • Reduced energy bills
      • New source to generate revenue from asset

Areas of Application

      • Energy Portfolio Management
      • Energy Storage
      • Energy Trading
      • Energy Efficiency


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