MUSIC for Buildings
Personalized Building Utility Management System
equipped with the latest smart technology and features
that help maintain proper functioning and optimize operations
Arnowa's MUSIC for Building consists of integrated advanced smart technology devised precisely for effortless management and optimized operations.
Buildings, in the present time, offer extravagant top-class facilities to its occupants which often become a nightmare for the managers to manage properly. It is the perfect solution to these inadequacies.
Arnowa's MUSIC for building offers an integrated plethora of smart applications that are enough to manage and run buildings at low costs and maximum efficiency while at the same time maintaining the highest levels of occupant satisfaction.
Generally, offered as a pre-designed kit, it can be customized based on the building’s requirements. It is developed as a complete solution, such that, all building functions are carried out in an effective manner and the efficiency of the building is improved in all contexts.
BUMS through its real-time monitoring and data collection makes buildings an active ground of enhanced activity and high efficiency at low costs.

Official Buildings

Efficient workplace management systems for timely operations and easy management of staff, workstations and other building areas with unique cross floor management systems

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An all inclusive management system for retail buildings (such as stores) to improve operations, inventory management and enhance security while making the buildings customer friendly and providing shopping ambience

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Smart home management systems enable to owner/resident to manage their house at the touch of a finger. Reduced resource consumption, lower utility bills and high security are some of the many features of this customized management system

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Unique Features

        • Real-Time Monitoring
        • Inventory Management
        • Smart HVAC and Ambience Control
        • Improved Security


      • Facility management
      • Utility monitoring and management
      • Better resource utilization
      • Space utilization
      • Enhanced comfort
      • Improved energy efficiency

Areas of Application

      • Cross Floor Management
      • Facility Management
      • Employee/Occupant Tracking and Management
      • Embedded Networks and Tenant Resources Management and Billing

Use Cases

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