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Internet of Things based Edge, Meters and Sensor Hardware

Arnowa Hardware comprises of advanced IOT devices for data acquisition from any device for any purpose. Our mantra is ‘You want it measured, we provide the how to”. Arnowa may integrate with your existing equipment and management Systems or we can provide you with many in house manufactured sensors or devices manufactured by our partners.

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Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Supporting Application

Arnowa Application comprises of Cloud-based data analytics application for storing data, representing data on dashboards and providing data correlations in various types of charts. It provides functionality on numerous statistical functions and AI models and alarming and controlling capabilities for holistic data management and controlling devices.

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Machine Vision and Integrations for Spatial Intelligence

Machine Vision is the most informative sensor in a city or industrial facility for spatial or visual information. By leveraging the capabilities of machine vision coupled with AI and other integrations, cities and industries can become more smart, efficient and safe. Video data can be used for optimizing operations, providing insight for predictive management and enabling several practical applications for improving effectiveness.

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Real Intelligence Ecosystem

Arnowa Intelligence Ecosystem provides qualified expertise to analyze the information at Arnowa application and provides periodic recommendations & knowledge pieces based on the accumulated data and analytics as required.

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Digital Twins Simplified

Integrated Smart Technology Ecosystem

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Trust ARNOWA to deliver continuous insights for improvement through continuous monitoring and expertise support.

Smart Cities

Arnowa provides state of the art city wide connectivity solutions, meters, sensor and other devices that help in making city smarter. The right solutions for every need in a smart city

Smart Homes

Arnowa make your life easier and convenient by managing all of your home devices from one place along with energy efficiency savings. Arnowa provides the solutions for the smart homes

Smart Streets

Each year, in the world, several trillion kWh are expended on street lighting. A high consumption means a high amount of generated energy, which in turn translates into a high level of noxious emissions. There are also problems relating to maintenance of the system, finding out a certain light fixture id dimmed or not working is a difficult task.

Smart Buildings

Arnowa helps building owners and managers to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Arnowa’s wireless hardware for smart buildings enables you to connect and automate your building, technology, and energy systems with ease and transform the way you manage it

Smart Parking

Arnowa has next generation intelligent solution for transportation and parking systems will optimize the movement of people and goods, improving economics, public safety, and the environment.

Smart Industry

Industrialists & manufactures in almost every sector have a tremendous opportunity to not only monitor. But also automate many of complex process involved in manufacturing. Arnowa has multitudes of applications for Industries.

Smart Stores

Arnowa has the power to improve customer experience, increased brand loyalty and improve store efficiencies reducing wastage. An inevitable solution for multi franchisee retail chains and food businesses.

Smart Electricity and Water Grid

Maintaining the balance between supply and demand is a constant challenge for renewable energy providers, making the variable nature of renewable energy a stumbling block when it comes to grid integration.

Smart Agriculture

Against the challenges such as extreme weather conditions and rising climate change, and environmental impact resulting from intensive farming practices, the demand for more food has to be met.



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