City Scale VPP
Arnowa’s technological innovation could produce a much
more flexible, resilient and efficient energy grid by
decentralising DERs owners.

Aggregates flexible resources and ancillary services in real-time

Arnowa’s VVP solution consists of EMS software and hardware to measure and monitor generation and consumption.

We provide scalable, proven virtual power plant solutions creating flexible capacity from DERs and capturing new revenue streams by aggregating flexible resources in energy and ancillary services markets in real-time.

With our EMS software, you can forecast, optimize, control and aggregate a vast network of distributed energy resources in real-time and at scale.

It can be implemented for Commercial, Industrial, or Community purposes.

We provide easy-to-deploy demand response (DR) programs that can combine behavioural dispatch, dynamic pricing and direct load control mechanisms to reduce or shift load during peak times. Engage customers through timely notifications before, during, and after DR events.


Smart inverter management and storage optimization

Arnowa’s smart EMS software is a comprehensive solution for managing DG and storage resources.

Improves power quality including both active and reactive power by surgically managing smart inverter profiles at the station, feeder and transformer levels.

It also provides localized real-time control and visibility for distributed generation and other DERs.

Its energy storage co-optimization module continuously optimizes across all value streams, benefiting end-customers with energy and demand charge reductions while supporting network needs with distribution flexibility and ancillary services.

Customer engagement, DER ancillary services, and distribution flexibility

A full-featured and personalized customer portal powered by Arnowa’s smart EMS platform, designed to boost enrollment, participation, and engagement with your commercial, industrial, and residential customers across a wide variety of demand response and energy efficiency programs, and to cross-sell complementary energy services.

We also provide a proven and comprehensive solution for delivering ancillary services from DERs including batteries, smart inverters, microgrids, CHPs, etc., powered by Arnowa’s smart EMS platform.

We allow flexibility on the distribution grid by integrating and utilizing end-customer installations of batteries, microgrids, and other DERs. Our EMS platform aggregates, forecasts and optimizes flexible capacity from DERs at the sub-station, feeder and transformer levels, reacting to distribution management needs in real-time. It also allows customer to manages all DERs, including third-party solar and storage aggregates, from one vendor-neutral platform.


Unique Features

        • Real-time monitoring
        • Customer engagement
        • Smart inverter management
        • Distribution flexibility
        • Acillary services like solar PV, battery, etc.
        • Commercial, industrial, and community demand response
        • Dynamic/ behavioural pricing
        • Storage optimization


        • Reduced dependence upon the non-renewable source
        • Reduced environmental complications (carbon and other pollution)
        • Reduced energy bills
        • New source to generate revenue from asset

Use Cases

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