MUSIC for Building- Enhancing Energy Efficiency

ARNOWA's MUSIC for Building helps enhance energy efficiency


Bringing all the systems and operations to one interface is the first step towards a smart building. The second step, where all the real energy and savings will be made, is to make use of the collated data as a whole that brings in the full benefits of energy and cost savings.

ARNOWA specializes in transforming data and create impactful decisions that will help customer meet their objectives, such as using alarms to highlight and reduce faults and system errors, optimizing air conditioning for comfort and efficiency and proper after hours billing to minimize operational costs.[rml_read_more] The result will be more efficient performance, simplified operations and more affordable growth through reduced energy and operating costs. This will also help protect your investments and ensures longer-lasting building value.

ARNOWA has also developed an app through which they house owner can control the conditions of the house before they come back from work and also check if there are intruders or any other security concerns.

In today’s globally connected and competitive world, rising energy costs are a common issue. Given that buildings are by far the greatest consumers of energy in any advanced economy, it isn’t surprising that there’s a lot of focus on improving building energy efficiency. If you’re not improving your energy efficiency, then you’re missing out on significant business opportunities. There has been exciting changes and developments currently happening in smart building systems integrations. ARNOWA has recently unveiled their new product called MUSIC for Building which is going to change the building energy efficiency scene.

It typically use automated processes to systematically control integrated building operations.

The true benefit of smart buildings comes after the integration is done.

ARNOWA’s main focus is on what should happen after the smart building systems integration, for a building owner to realize the true advantages that a smart building can offer.


ARNOWA has invested around AUD 2 billion to develop BUMS and its applications and has penetrated the Australian and Indian market. They have been in discussion with many Government agencies in India and Australia and builders to promote their products and show how it can enhance the energy efficiency.