A smart city where residents own their data

India, after having rolled out the Smart Cities Mission to 100 cities in a phased manner, the Union government is now planning to expand the Smart Cities Mission to all 4,000 towns in the country. But the vision of the first 100 smart cities remains controversial because so far, about only 10 % of the [...]

Arnowa in Building Smart Cities

At a time when sustainability is a buzzword globally, one IIT-Kharagpur engineer, Om Dubey is helping businesses conserve energy through his startup, ARNOWA . It provides Internet of Things (IoT)-based automation solutions to local governments, buildings, homes and retail outlets and then drives intelligent controls centrally through AI, to automatically plug power leakages. When he started, [...]

Arnowa in Southeast Asia

Arnowa Expanding its Business in Southeast Asia IoT startup ARNOWA aims to expand to Southeast Asia, offering data-driven solutions that boost energy efficiency for big electricity consumers like retail outlets, restaurant chains and banks. ARNOWA caters to any client that has distributed outlets with physical assets, such as air conditioning, freezers and lighting, where managing [...]

MUSIC for Building- Enhancing Energy Efficiency

ARNOWA's MUSIC for Building helps enhance energy efficiency Bringing all the systems and operations to one interface is the first step towards a smart building. The second step, where all the real energy and savings will be made, is to make use of the collated data as a whole that brings in the full benefits [...]

MUSIC- Smart solutions for Smart Cities and Smart Industries

ARNOWA's Multi-Utility Spatial Intelligence and Control System (MUSIC), helps to effectively monitor and manage Cities and Industries. ARNOWA, a global innovation and integrated smart technology services company, has released its solution portfolio for Smart Cities and Smart Manufacturing named as MUSIC (Multi Utility Spatial Intelligence and Control System). ARNOWA showcased these solutions at several recently [...]

Smart farming techniques for wine production

ARNOWA willing to increase wine production using its smart farming system at different wineries near Perth. ARNOWA has proposed to makes use of its smart farming system at different wineries near Perth. They plan to do a pilot on environment data visualization demonstration. WA has more than 150 wineries, which manufactures and supplies high-quality wines [...]

ARNOWA plans to build a Smart City

Arnowa an upcoming startup in the IoT plans to build a City of the Future in India. ARNOWA an upcoming startup in the IoT field has a plan for a 500-acre pilot smart city project with Union Ministry of Urban Developments, India, to visualize India’s plan to develop 100 smart cities. ARNOWA's CEO, Dr. Om [...]

ARNOWA’s Street Light Solutions

ARNOWA Turning Streets Smarter through its Smart Street Solutions. When we talk of smart light, the first thing that comes to our mind is energy efficiency. But nowadays we no longer bother about energy efficiency because new generation LED lights and bulb are available in the market, which is already energy efficient. For a light [...]

ARNOWA plans to adopt 50 Indian Smart Villages

ARNOWA plans to adopt 50 Indian villages to make them SMART Villages. In healthcare care sector, this data collected can help in curing infant cataract, pneumonia, malaria and several other diseases and also will help in bringing down the infant mortality rate which is otherwise left unnoticed due to acute shortage of rural doctors and [...]


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