Power Over Ethernet

INTRODUCTION Power of Ethernet (PoE) is an evolving technology designed to deliver power and data on an Ethernet cable at the same time. Modeling after telecommunication systems that supply power to telephones, PoE powers network devices without the need for an AC electrical outlet. By eliminating the power cord infrastructure, PoE technology supplies wiring and [...]

Efficient Energy Management in Mineral Processing

INTRODUCTION The efficient management of energy is one of the main challenges to mineral processing plants. Energy cost represents a significant capital investment in metals and mineral processing. As the cost of electricity is rising, it directly impacts the profitability of the operation, especially as the grade of the ore is reducing over time. E.g., [...]

Transformation of Mining Industries

INTRODUCTION The mineral and mining industry is an extremely dynamic and evolving industry. Here the cost of products is highly governed by the investment in production. The mining industries always remain among the top sectors adopting advanced technologies into their operations. The mining industry has solved many problems with the help of technology, but technology [...]

Food Industries Leveraging Advanced Technology

INTRODUCTION The food and beverage industry is an extremely dynamic and evolving industry, where smart technology can open new aspects of profits for businesses that distribute, deliver, and sell food and beverage products. According to a report the IoT and traceability for the food and beverage manufacturing market were valued at about $4.08 billion in [...]

Data Driven Transformation of Textile Industries

INTRODUCTION The textile industry has come far away from the days of handcrafting to today’s highly technology-driven industry; the industry has transformed itself. The textile industry has always been very labor-intensive business, and with advancements in technology, especially technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), artificial intelligence, it has been able to achieve a high [...]

Renewable Energy Generation Needs Critical Data

INTRODUCTION One of the main actions to fight climate change is the increasing use of renewable energy leading to the rapid growth of renewable energy deployments on grids worldwide. It has profoundly changed the electric power value chain and bringing new operational challenges. Distribute energy resources (DERs) located across wide geographic areas and two-way power [...]

Need for Smart Water Metering Infrastructure in India

INTRODUCTION To create a sustainable environment for the ever-growing population, the government of India has launched a smart city program. It aims to create smarter and sustainable cities leveraging cutting edge innovative technologies. According to the Smart Cities Mission statement, urban areas must feature all core infrastructure (such as assured water and electricity supplies, efficient [...]

Real-time Data Saving Money and Time in Pharma Industries

INTRODUCTION Pharmaceutical industries rely on experimental data for recognizing patterns, test theories, and understand the effectiveness of treatments. Data analytics is an evolution in a trend that has been ongoing for hundreds of years: that of human beings having ever better access to information and data. With data increasing exponentially and it getting more and [...]

Video Analytics for Spatial Intelligence

INTRODUCTION One of the wealthiest sensors for gathering information is a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) because the video contains in-depth information embedded, which can be utilized efficiently to get a better insight into a place or event. Video analytics finds different applications in a different organization, it may be used by security personal to control [...]

Condition Based Maintenance in Power Generation Plants

INTRODUCTION The power industry is experiencing an era of rapid transformation. New issues, such as the rapid adoption of renewable energy sources, deregulation, and a new emphasis on extending facility lifecycles, are forcing electric utility operators to carefully consider how they expend their resources and optimize their operations. To sustain an efficiently operating unit and [...]