Smart Local Governments

ARNOWA for Smart Local Governments

INTRODUCTION Smart cities are frequently seen as groups of instruments across many scales that are linked through numerous systems. These systems deliver uninterrupted data regarding the actions of people and materials in terms of the flow of decisions about the physical and communal form of the city. Cities however can only be smart if there [...]

Facility Energy Management System

INTRODUCTION Energy costs are rising day by day, which is forcing businesses to increase product costs. Due to rising production costs and strong competition, companies are facing new challenges. Apart from the labor and material costs, energy costs make up a large part of a company’s overall expenses. So, it has become crucial to be [...]

Wetland Management System

INTRODUCTION About 71% of the earth’s area is covered with water, of which only 2.5% of the total is freshwater that can be directly used for different purposes. The planet's freshwater is very unevenly distributed, and most of the freshwater exists in the form of ice, snow, groundwater, and soil moisture, with only 0.3% in [...]

Smart Store and Franchise

INTRODUCTION Nowadays, one of the significant problems of any particular store is the spoiling of food items that causes wastage of food and losses in the business. A store meets almost all needs of an Individual, from food to clothes. As the population around the world is growing, to meet the demands, we have to [...]