Industries, cities, and other stakeholders can monitor the quality
of wastewater, utility water and open water bodies remotely
on a real-time basis.

An Innovative Water Monitoring System

ARNOWA’s JEEWAN platform is an integrated and complete solution to tackle the problem of water pollution and its control. It allows industries, city councils, government, and other stakeholders to solve their issues related to water quality management and monitoring on a real-time basis.

Currently, industries and other stakeholder monitors water quality by conventional techniques by taking samples to the lab and testing it manually. It is a tedious, energy and labour-intensive, and costlier process. In addition to this, the entire process adds so much carbon footprints to the environment.

With our JEEWAN platform, companies or facility which requires water monitoring solution can effectively and efficiently monitor the quality of water/wastewater they need to manage on a real-time basis, with fewer efforts spending nearly half amount they would invest on conventional methods.



JEEWAN” consists of multi-parameter sensors for water quality (such as pH, Turbidity, TDS, etc.), connected to the wireless data transfer protocol through the ARNOWA nodes.

Nodes send data to the ARNOWA smart edge device which processes and stores data before sending it to the cloud.

ARNOWA’s CARBON cloud stores and perform cloud computing, converting the data into a usable form, and send it to the user’s dashboard in real-time.

With the help of Big-data generated, we build models based on the Big-data analytics, AI, and machine learning to predict the future trend of the water quality, helping prepare stakeholders for suitable action and empower decision making so that the water pollution can be prevented.

Unique Features

    • Real-time monitoring
    • Water level monitoring
    • Water quality trend prediction
    • Integrated Solar PV and Battery for remote operation


    • Help reduce water pollution
    • Ease in management of water resources
    • Ensures community health
    • Biodiversity conservation
    • Carbon footprint reduction

Areas of Application

    • Wetland and other open water bodies monitoring
    • Wastewater monitoring
    • Aquaculture and Fisheries
    • Monitoring and management of Dams
    • Water supply and distribution
    • Integrated water resource and river basin management

Unique Features




Areas of Application

Areas of Application.

Use Cases

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