City Scale Virtual Power Plant

City Scale VPPArnowa’s technological innovation could produce a much more flexible, resilient and efficient energy grid by decentralising DERs owners. Aggregates flexible resources and ancillary services in real-timeArnowa’s VVP solution consists of EMS software and hardware to measure and monitor generation and consumption. We provide scalable, proven virtual power plant solutions creating flexible capacity from [...]

Arnowa Smart Parking Solutions

Smart ParkingArnowa's smart parking systems is the only end to end turnkey solution for the ever-growing problem of parking in large complexes and busy metro areas. Search for the parking space come to an end by deploying Arnowa’s Smart Parking technology. It helps to find and navigate drivers, to the best available parking spot in [...]

Smart Street Solution

Smart Street LightsArnowa's smart street solution with its multi-feature smart street poles makes your street responsive, safe, secure, and smarter. ARNOWA’s street poles are differentARNOWA doesn’t provide only sensors or components; it proves a whole independent ecosystem of Smart lighting. Smart light doesn’t mean just connecting the LED luminaire on the poles with lots of [...]

Smart Waste Management

Smart BinsSmarter bins make waste collection easier by sending alerts on a real-time basis. Waste management problemsThe significant problems affecting solid waste management is an improper collection of waste and ethical issues. This, in turn, leads to hazards like environmental degradation, water pollution, soil pollution, and air pollution. Problem with conventional bins: Collection vehicle often [...]

Video Analytics

Video AnalyticsShifting from Active to Proactive Surveillance Our Video Analytics platform is a smart and advanced surveillance platform that has the ability to extract useful information from simple videos. Its innovative and superior technology provides real-time data with unparalleled accuracy and can detect and distinguish objects, speed, colours, people, vehicles, numbers, faces, genders, and behaviour, [...]

Smart Store and Franchise

Smart Store and FranchiseA comprehensive solution to reduce food spoilage, energy consumption, and losses while enhancing shopper's experience and comfort. Explore new shopping experienceARNOWA's smart store solution is based on cutting edge smart technology including IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and many more. It provides better accessibility and visibility into store management and operation. ARNOWA's [...]

Smart Irrigation

Smart IrrigationA step towards water sustainability and reducing water uses in agriculture, lawns and parks. Soil Moisture and Weather-Based IrrigationARNOWA’s Smart Irrigation Systems is an IoT-based solution which customizes watering schedules and run times automatically as required for specific landscape. Ultimately linked and informed system significantly improves water use efficiency without compensating effectiveness. ARNOWA’s Smart [...]

Smart Forest Monitoring

Smart Forest ManagementSmart sensor-based technology allows stakeholders to monitor forest, remotely on a real-time basis. Detecting Forest FiresARNOWA’s forest management solution makes use of various smart sensors and integrates their reading with an image and video analytics platform to build models. These models detect devastating situations such as forest fires, and illegal logging through artificial [...]

JEEWAN : Wetland and Water Quality Monitoring System

JEEWANIndustries, cities, and other stakeholders can monitor the quality of wastewater, utility water and open water bodies remotely on a real-time basis. An Innovative Water Monitoring SystemARNOWA’s JEEWAN platform is an integrated and complete solution to tackle the problem of water pollution and its control. It allows industries, city councils, government, and other stakeholders to [...]

MUSIC for Building

MUSIC for BuildingsPersonalized Building Utility Management System equipped with the latest smart technology and features that help maintain proper functioning and optimize operations Arnowa's MUSIC for Building consists of integrated advanced smart technology devised precisely for effortless management and optimized operations. Buildings, in the present time, offer extravagant top-class facilities to its occupants which often [...]