Smart Street Lights
Arnowa's smart street solution with its multi-feature smart street poles
makes your street responsive, safe, secure, and smarter.
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ARNOWA’s street poles are different

ARNOWA doesn’t provide only sensors or components; it proves a whole independent ecosystem of Smart lighting. Smart light doesn’t mean just connecting the LED luminaire on the poles with lots of sensors. ARNOWA’s vision of “smart street poles” is a fully independent system, which runs on its own, generating all of its energy at the source, keeping the complete system wireless.

Benefits of ARNOWA’s street Lighting solution:

  • Saves up to 70% energy
  • Extended lamp life up to 10 years and beyond
  • Self-diagnostics: energy use, lamp life & operational characteristics
  • Reports energy use & system functions
  • Image (camera) & environmental sensors
  • Digital signage board for visual communication
  • Increased “dwell time” at surrounding venues
  • Decreased maintenance
  • Emergency traffic conditions
  • Emergency mass notification is effectively distributed without echoes & reflection via pre-programmed messages and dial-up
  • Unique flexibility in dimming and on-demand adjustability
  • Self diagnostics – reports energy use & system functions
  • Colour changing capabilities

Unique Features

        • Remote Operation
        • People counter, Automatic diming and lighting based on movement
        • EV and mobile charging ports
        • Weather and air pollution sensors
        • Public address system
        • CCTV and digital wayfinsinds


      • Safe and secure locality
      • Peace of mind
      • Energy savings

Areas of Application

      • Cities and Campuses
      • Public parks and other open spaces
      • Defence camps and Cantonments
      • Housing societies

Use Cases

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