Video Analytics for Spatial Intelligence

INTRODUCTION One of the wealthiest sensors for gathering information is a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) because the video contains in-depth information embedded, which can be utilized efficiently to get a better insight into a place or event. Video analytics finds different applications in a different organization, it may be used by security personal to control [...]

ARNOWA plans to build a Smart City

Arnowa an upcoming startup in the IoT plans to build a City of the Future in India. ARNOWA an upcoming startup in the IoT field has a plan for a 500-acre pilot smart city project with Union Ministry of Urban Developments, India, to visualize India’s plan to develop 100 smart cities. ARNOWA's CEO, Dr. Om [...]

Smart Store and Franchise

INTRODUCTION Nowadays, one of the significant problems of any particular store is the spoiling of food items that causes wastage of food and losses in the business. A store meets almost all needs of an Individual, from food to clothes. As the population around the world is growing, to meet the demands, we have to [...]