Data Driven Transformation of Textile Industries

INTRODUCTION The textile industry has come far away from the days of handcrafting to today’s highly technology-driven industry; the industry has transformed itself. The textile industry has always been very labor-intensive business, and with advancements in technology, especially technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), artificial intelligence, it has been able to achieve a high [...]

Arnowa in Southeast Asia

Arnowa Expanding its Business in Southeast Asia IoT startup ARNOWA aims to expand to Southeast Asia, offering data-driven solutions that boost energy efficiency for big electricity consumers like retail outlets, restaurant chains and banks. ARNOWA caters to any client that has distributed outlets with physical assets, such as air conditioning, freezers and lighting, where managing [...]

Industrial IoT

MUSIC for IndustriesAn overall industry management system MUSIC for industries aims to provide an overall industry management system that allows for proficient monitoring and management of the entire industry to increase profits, reduce costs, enhance production, improve security and make work conditions better for the workforce. With the rise in industries, pollution due to its [...]