Murdoch University – ATCO Research Project

ARNOWA delivering comfort through real-time monitoring ARNOWA’s collaboration with Murdoch University to study the pattern of energy consumption on the campus with respect to the ambient environment. Challenge The university wanted to study and visualize energy consumption patterns with respect to the comfort of the occupants and ambient environment conditions on a real-time basis. [rml_read_more]Keeping [...]

Melville City Smart grid Project

City of Melville aims to monitor, manage, and optimize the energy and water consumption. The City of Melville is among the world’s most liveable and sustainable city having community engagement framework, planning processes, and comprehensive range of council services. Project Summary City of Melville's Smart Grid Paralleled Mode Micro-grid project, in partnership with Murdoch University, [...]

Kingsbridge Park Project

Kingsbridge Park adopts smart technology EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Location City of Wanneroo, WA Challenges Better monitoring Reporting and verification systems Involving community[rml_read_more] Establishing partnerships for supporting resource efficiencies Sustainable resources management Reduced energy consumption Emission reductions. Hardware used Three triple phase 250A CTs connected to a Power Meter Three triple phase 125A Power Meter Two triple [...]


MicrogridsSmart Microgrids with unique cross-grid operational capabilities that help ensure non-fluctuating supplies and high efficiencies The demand for energy around the world is constantly rising, with 70% of this demand being met by non-renewable fossil fuels that harm the environment. The conventional grids are incompetent in meeting these rising demands and often suffer outages. Thus, [...]