Murdoch University – ATCO Research Project

ARNOWA delivering comfort through real-time monitoring

ARNOWA’s collaboration with Murdoch University to study the pattern of energy consumption on the campus with respect to the ambient environment.


The university wanted to study and visualize energy consumption patterns with respect to the comfort of the occupants and ambient environment conditions on a real-time basis. [rml_read_more]Keeping occupants’ comfort at the center, they want to optimize HVAC and lighting according to the occupant’s behavior.

Another main challenge was to visualize classroom conditions like room temperature, humidity, lighting, and outdoor environment condition, including PM2.5, PM10, and Noise, etc., on a real-time basis.


ARNOWA carefully assessed the University’s requirements and designed solutions using its in-house developed smart sensors, energy meters, Current Transformers (CTs), edge devices, and other hardware.

ARNOWA selected four rooms to test its solution as pilot studies and installed its smart sensors, which monitor temperature, humidity, light. Similarly, they installed sensors to monitor the outdoor environmental condition. They also installed smart meters along with the CT to measure energy consumption. A multi-parameter weather station was also installed at the campus to monitor PM2.5, PM10, Noise Level, Humidity, Temperature, Wind Speed, and Solar Irradiance.

Data collected from various sensors and weather stations were visualized on a dashboard, and different relations were drawn by using ARNOWA’s CARBON cloud computing and data analytics software.


When the pilot was completed, the university gained a unified and integrated solution to their problems. They were able to monitor and manage their energy consumption more efficiently as they have no better insight into their consumption pattern.

With the help of ARNOWA’s analytics solution, they were able to establish the relationship between the outdoor environment and indoor energy demand and consumption.

The university campus was able to maintain the comforts of its occupants more effectively and efficiently. They can now track their concrete energy consumption areas individually and manage accordingly.

With the help of ARNOWA’s weather station, the campus can now showcase real-time ambient atmospheric conditions, specifically air pollution and solar irradiance to its occupants and nearby community.


Murdoch University

  • Location: Perth, W.A.


  • Monitor comfort of the occupants based on ambient environment
  • Monitor real-time environmental parameter including PM2.5, PM10, and Noise, etc.
  • Find out how ambient environment affect energy consumption


  • ARNOWA installed its disruptive sensors
  • Also installed a weather station to monitor, PM2.5, PM, Noise level, humidity, ambient temperature, wind speed and solar irradiance
  • Connected all the sensors and visualized real-time data on a dashboard


  • Established the pattern of energy uses
  • Enhanced comfort to occupants
  • Real-time environment monitoring
  • Obtained the relation between the ambient temperature and energy consumption
  • Also obtained the pattern of occupant’s comfort and energy consumption

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